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DEMCON bunova B.V.

"More computing power for complex projects" 

High-end technology supplier DEMCON has taken over BuNova Development engineers in Zwolle. The company moved into the DEMCON head office in Enschede under the name DEMCON bunova with a view to participating in DEMCON development projects. DEMCON bunova will in addition continue to carry out independent projects for its own customers.

See the newsletter for the complete press release.

The organisation is specialized in three technical disciplines:

  • Process
  • Thermal / Fluid
  • Structural / Mechanical

DEMCON bunova aims to be a PARTNER of customers in reaching their targets in RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT and ENGINEERING programs.

The new postal en visiting address is:
DEMCON bunova
Insitutenweg 25
7521 PH Enschede
088-11 52 750



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Thermal Fluid

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